Feather: An Electrum-Inspired Desktop Wallet for Monero

Before Getting Started

Installing Feather

  1. Upon arriving at featherwallet.org, click on the “Download” option toward the top of the screen. This will bring up the wallet download screen, where you can see the different OS option available:
  • Don’t tell anybody your seed phrase.
  • Never enter it into a website.
  • Store it offline.
  • Make sure you won’t lose it.

Feather Wallet Overview

  • Home: default tab; shows price of XMR, BTC, and can be set to display 2 sub tabs (CCS — Community Crowdfunding Proposals, and /r/Monero — latest from the Monero subreddit).
  • History: history of your wallet’s incoming and outgoing transactions.
  • Send: pay to an XMR address.
  • Receive: view and generate subaddresses.
  • Calc: simple XMR<->USD calculator based on current exchange rate.
  • File: Close, Quit or access Settings (General, Node and Path)
  • Wallet: Information, Advanced (wallet-related settings), Password, Seed, Keys, View Only (mode), History, Contacts
  • View: show or hide Home, Calc, Coins, Mining (the last 2 are off by default)
  • Tools: Sign/Verify message, Verify transaction proof, Load unsigned transaction, Broadcast transaction, Import Transaction Pay to many, Calculator
  • Help: About, website link, bug report, debug info

What is a Subaddress?

  • Primary address: always begins with a “4”; an older way to derive addresses from a private key.
  • Secret spend key: this is used by your wallet to sign a transaction when making a payment.
  • Secret view key: used to view the incoming transaction for a wallet.
  • Public spend key: used to generate the public key of an output.
  • Public view key: allows others to see a wallet’s incoming transactions.

Generating a Subaddress

Receiving a Payment

Sending a Payment

Advanced Features

Feather Wallet Support

Hardware Device Support

Feather Wallet: Final Thoughts




I am a writer, tech reviewer, and a monero enthusiastic.

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Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell

I am a writer, tech reviewer, and a monero enthusiastic.

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